Point and Click is the first of five Unity based game training labs. The lab projects are designed to grow in difficulty and scope. Each lab project should be successfully completed before moving to the next one. On completion of each lab assignment, be sure to complete the presentation instructions and post a link to the forums for everyone to enjoy.

The Unity Project 1 Lab provides the individual with an introduction to creating a simple 2D game inside the Unity editor. The lab encompasses a set of defining elements in the creation of the game by using basic game development strategies, design techniques and scripting, required to successfully complete the full scope of the project in Unity.

Develop a working knowledge and skill for using Unity to place assets, build gameplay and scripts for creating your first game.

  6+ hours to complete

  • Research:   2 hours
  • Design:       1 hour
  • Build:          2 hours
  • Play Test:   1 hour +
Lab Project Click the Ball Image

  Unity Project 1 Lab requires the following to be completed for the web build.
  Note: All details are provided in the Lab Videos

  • Menu Screen
  • Game/Level (Minimum 1 playable level)
  • Victory Screen (With option to replay and quit)
  • Loss Screen (With option to replay and quit)
  • HUD for score and timer
  • Project Files and working Executable
  • Bug Free
  • Presentation

The following Videos are provided for completing the Lab Point and Click game.

Project 1 - in HD

Part 1:   Introduction
Part 2:   Project Description
Part 3:   Setup
Part 4:   Assets Scripts
Part 5:   Assets Prefabs
Part 6:   Assets Particle
Part 7:   Assets Audio
Part 8:   Assets Scenes
Part 9:   Scripting Introduction
Part 10: Scripting Player Input
Part 11: Scripting Player Raycast - Color
Part 12: Scripting Player Raycast
Part 13: Scripting Player Random Position
Part 14: Scripting Player Expose Variables
Part 15: Scripting Player Click Loop
Part 16: Scripting Player Respawn Wait Time
Part 17: Scripting Player Random Color
Part 18: Scripting Enemy Complete
Part 19: Scripting Score
Part 20: Scripting Counter
Part 21: Scripting GUI HUD
Part 22: Scripting GUI Menu
Part 23: Scripting GUI Win / Lose
Part 24: Touch-ups
Part 25: Audio Setup
Part 26: Build PC / Web
Part 27: Review
Part 28: Script Reference

After completing the video tutorials, the following elements should be created on your own and posted online for presentation.

  • Blinking Sphere
    • Counter - 3 second countdown for the Sphere before disappearing
    • While counting down, add a flashing element to the Sphere
  • Moving Cube
    • Make a ‘New’ Cube game object and attach the Cube script to it
    • Add an additional script to the object called ‘MoveCube’
    • Provide the correct code to move the object randomly across the scene
  • Random Spawn Time
    • Create a random time to spawn the Spheres
  • Extra Credit: Make the Sphere move in a circular pattern

When you complete the Lab Project, you will want to do the following.

  • Post a link on the Unity Forums with your website address
  • Project Description (Posted on your website along with the game)
    • Your Name
    • Timeframe (Start Date to End Date)
    • Project Detail - What did you do, exactly.
    • Software Used
    • Final Thoughts - Reflect for moment (Postmortem)
    • Break down your Time (Research, Art, Design, Coding, Playtesting)
  • Be sure ‘On Your Own’ objectives are complete and playable in the web build

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