School is in session! The Walker Boys Unity Game Development channel is your personal online training course for learning how to make your own Video Games with Unity!

This Free Training Course is designed for the Artist, Designer, beginning Programmer and aspiring Game Developer. Our goal is to provide you with a fun online course, at a level of learning required to take you from a Newbie to a Professional.

Artist Formula for Success

So how do we get there?
Well, us being artists we decided to write an incredible mathematical formula that would solve this riddle. That didn’t we decided to draw pictures (above) that would represent this amazing equation.

To put it in to words, it would read:
You need basic computer skills, extra time, consistent training and professional guidance to become a ‘Designer of Games’!

Pretty cool, right? Okay, here’s our ‘Ten Step Plan’ to get you there.

1. Syllabus and Objectives - This is your HUB, your step by step guide through the course. (When ready, click here)

2. Understanding YOU - Let’s find out where you are in your training and what type of personality you have.

3. Unity Software Education - You’ve got to respect the tool before you play with it. Here’s where we learn it!

4. JavaScript Programming and API - It’s important that we are both speaking the same logical language.

5. Lab 1: Point and Click - ‘Newbie Training’ - Learning the basics of making a game with Unity.

6. Lab 2: 2D Space Shooter - With the basics out of the way, it’s time to add a layer of depth to game development.

7. Unity Tool Development - ‘Amateur Training’ - Tool development takes you from Newbie to Amateur to see what you are made of. Here’s where you start to show your desire to become a game developer.

8. Lab 3: 2D Mario Clone (Side Scroller) - ‘Apprentice Training’ - We take everything you’ve learned, mix in a bunch of ‘New’ ideas and features, and add a professional touch to give you some crazy mad skills.

9. Lab 4: 3D Mario Clone (3rd Person Adventure) - ‘Professional Training’ - All your training leads to this moment. We take your 2D skills and push them in to the 3D arena. This is where the Professional Polish happens.  

10. Conclusion and Future Steps - You’ve made it! Now is the time to put things together and move forward, toward an exciting future!

So, you’re a Newbie, an Artist, Designer, Programmer, Gamer, or just stumbled across this by accident. Fantastic! If you’ve managed to read everything to this point, then you must have an interest in making games.

Let’s define a few terms mentioned above to help understand our experience levels.

Newbie - A person who is new to a concept or idea (Inexperienced user).

Amateur - A person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity (fan). A person who engages in a study for pleasure rather than for financial benefit.

Apprentice - A person who is learning a trade or profession by working alongside an expert, usually for a set period of time.

Professional - A person who is an expert at his or her work. A person who earns a living from that work.

Path for Learning (Skill Level)

Ready to learn how this works?

Enrolling in the Walker Boys Unity Training Course, is completely free and available anytime you are ready.

What’s my Motivation? Why work hard to complete all this?

--Two reasons--

Reason #1 – If you’ve made it this far, we would be willing to wager you ‘want’ to become a game developer, whether in the professional field or indie scene.

Reason #2 – We want to see you succeed, because we want to send you out a super cool ‘Walker Boys Studio Course Certificate’ in Unity Game Development and an official Web Image for your site.

How do I get WBS Certified?

Here’s how you can receive the ‘Walker Boys Studio Course Certificate in Unity Game Development’ and a WBS Certificate image for your website.

1. Complete and pass all exams (We’ll be keeping track of that automatically).

2. Complete all five Lab projects (The Details and minimum requirements must be met).

3. Post all five projects to your website (Must meet all Presentation requirements).

4. Send a link to both Chad and Eric, so we can review the Lab projects and Presentations.
              Email: cwalker at walkerboystudio dot com
              Email: ewalker at walkerboystudio dot com

5. In your email to us include a mailing address (physical address) so we can send the certificate to you on completion of the Unity Training!

That is it. Five steps and you can have your very own ‘Walker Boys Studio Course Certificate in Unity Game Development’. :)

Remember, this program is designed for the motivated, the talented and above all, the amazing…YOU.

Work hard, make us proud, and show us that free online training and education is completely possible!

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you and God bless,

Chad and Eric

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